About this project

The BrewPixel team has worked with seanhanna for a few years now — we developed one of our first responsive sites with him back at our previous agency and redesigned his site in 2012.

As a hair stylist, Sean Hanna values design, and as an entreprenuer he understands the importance of an up-to-date website which can be easily changed with current content by himself or his team.

seanhanna's brief

  • Change the existing homepage layout
  • Make the homepage completely editable
  • Create an editable image grid to be used as a high-level promotional navigation
  • An optional responsive video, matching the image grid

What we did

Front-end design work

  • Responsive grid e.g. 2 columns mobile, 3 columns tablet, 4 columns widescreen
  • Optimise social media icon positions throughout responsive design
  • Optimised responsive video size
  • Aesthetic improvements to the homepage

Admin actions

  • Editable images and image links for each tile
  • Editable main link e.g. "Download Voucher Now"
  • Edit headings


  • Keeping the telephone number and social icons as visible as possible without impeding the brand presence
  • Using a large video while still keeping a neat grid
  • The seanhanna site is large, with many landing pages and a complex structure. While changing the homepage we had to be careful not to affect the rest of the site

Project duration

4 Days Completed 12th June 2014

Team members involved

Jay George BrewPixel team member


Web Designer • Technophile, Keybrd shrtct Junkie, Colemak Typist, Cyclist, & Runner. Loves design.

Martin Goldie BrewPixel team member


Web Developer & System Administrator • Photographer.
British & Canadian.

About seanhanna

seanhanna have 8 salons based in London, Cambridge and Bristol and is one of the UK’s leading hair salon groups. Winners of hundreds of awards including Salon Group of the Year (Fellowship of British Hairdressing) and the very prestigious London Hairdresser of the Year (The British Hairdressing Awards), seanhanna are known all over the world for their exciting and innovative signature haircuts and colours.

The below environments are archived versions of our work, frozen in time; not the client's real site. Navigation and behaviour have been modified. You can visit the real site here.

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