Website maintenance

Your website is one of your greatest marketing tools.
Like a prized possession, you’ll want to keep it in good shape. FAQ.

Tech support

Tech support calls/emails


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Get your questions answered

One place to email or call; speak to someone that is already familiar with your website and is a WordPress expert, so many of your questions can be quickly answered.

WordPress updated

WordPress & Plugins updated


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Help prevent your site from getting hacked

WordPress averages an update about every month—we’ll update everything to the latest version to bring you new features, bug fixes and security updates which can help prevent your site getting hacked.

Most people have either experienced having their website hacked or they have known someone else that has.

The term "WordPress hacked" has almost 1.8 million results in a Google search and this is not because WordPress is bad software but it is generally caused by an outdated WordPress installation with known security vulnerabilities or by outdated/insecure plugins that are targeted.

Protect your brand

By proactively keeping your site updated we can help save you money. Once you get hacked it’ll likely cost you a lot more…

  • Cost to find the hack
  • Cost to clean the website
  • Cost from a Google Blacklist, which can damage your brand
Your content managed

Content management

(additional cost)

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The Freshness Factor

We’ll help you keep your content up to date, which can improve your SEO. Search engines love new content, so fresh and consistent updates can help your SEO.

  • Does your website still reference a 2015 newsletter?
  • Do you have a featured menu which in 2016 felt seasonal but now feels dated?
  • Do you have some downloadable attachments on your website that need updating?
Malware monitoring

Optional malware monitoring and clean up

(additional £300 a year)

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Double protection

What happens when one day, you load up your site in your browser, and find that it's not there, or it redirects to an explicit site, or your site is full of pharmaceutical drug adverts. What do you do?

You’ll probably scramble to contact whoever built or hosts your website. They may be able to fix it. In the meantime you might lose some money; you might miss opportunities; you might take a hit against your brand.

For £300 a year we can monitor your site for any malware. This gives peace of mind since many website owners are not aware for some time that their website has been infected. If any malware is found we react quickly to alert you and clean the website.