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We believe design is incredibly important.

But for us great design is not just how good your brand looks. We know it’s just as important to convey the personality of your brand, your value proposition, and to convince people to get in touch with you. See some of our latest work

Responsive Web Design

One of our main goals is to build great websites with flexible architecture so your content is always presented in the most effective way.

Responsive design is an excellent economical alternative or addition to a mobile “app” because content is optimised throughout every possible screen size; mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, widescreen are just a few examples. Combined with great design this leads to a better impression of your business and helps your conversion rate.

What is Responsive Web Design?

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While we’re careful to build around your brand and keep our design consistent, we also offer separate branding services such as logo and design consultancy.

Design Consultancy

Designing a logo or coming up with a name is just part of a larger process when creating or redefining a company.

Creating a successful brand requires careful thought and planning, from purchasing domain names to designing aesthetics and the copywriting persona. We have experience redefining companies and building brands from scratch.

Joanna Parker branding
Midas branding

Logo Design

We can work with you to design a logo around your brand and its values, from choice of colours to typography, photography and illustration.