About this project

The original CoreCommerce website had been slowly updated over a few years and it was starting to show. They had a newly designed logo they wanted to use and had just released a dozen responsive ecommerce templates. With all these new changes they were really excited about overhauling their website.

Jay took design-lead on this project, directing imagery, creating custom illustrations, and crafting a great responsive experience.

CoreCommerce's brief

  • Take the initial logo re-branding work and refresh the image of the company, using latest technologies
  • Port over all existing content while overhauling layout and design
  • Make the brand reflect core values of a friendly and dedicated tech support team, and pride in their user community

What we did

Front-end design work

  • Re-align the CoreCommerce brand including typography, photography, and illustration
  • Create rich and friendly illustrations that render clearly on high-resolution devices (using SVG)
  • Re-architect site on custom responsive grid


Custom illustration work

We created illustrations around the new brand personality of CoreCommerce — friendly, helpful and modern.

Illustrations can be seen throughout the site, including these pages…

Art-directed pages

Although lots of pages throughout the CoreCommerce site were templated, we had the opportunity to really play with art direction for each page.

Highlights include…


  • There was lots of responsibility in leading design direction, from creating a fresh design atmosphere, choosing consistent imagery, and finding a suitable illustration style
  • Client direction was limited which, although liberating, was challenging
  • Importing a large amount of legacy content from the current site; the scope quickly escalated and lots of pages had to be quickly templated, so object-oriented stylign was important

Project duration

2 Months Completed 19th September 2014

Team members involved

Jay George BrewPixel team member


Web Designer • Technophile, Keybrd shrtct Junkie, Colemak Typist, Cyclist, & Runner. Loves design.

About CoreCommerce

CoreCommerce is an ecommerce platform based in Franklin, Tenessee. Built on a proprietary and exceptionally robust and user-friendly shopping cart technology, the company has built a thriving community of over 3,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs from around the world.

The below environments are archived versions of our work, frozen in time; not the client's real site. Navigation and behaviour have been modified. You can visit the real site here.

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