Sell your fashion online

Now is the perfect time to sell apparel online

Online apparel sales are growing

According to eMarketer, sales forecast projections through 2016 predict that apparel & accessories will continue to be the fastest growing category of online sales.

Initial investment is lower than average

With fashion and apparel, there is a low entry barrier. Finding a vendor(s) and placing an initial order are easily done to stock inventory and get your business launched. Attend trade shows to see product in person and get to know vendors while learning more about the fashion industry.

The clothing category is very profitable

Women’s fashion and apparel are some of most profitable categories, with 22% of women shopping online daily and accounting for 58% of all total online spending.

Social media helps drive sales

With the rise of Pinterest and the millions of users sharing products (especially fashion), an active Pinterest account is a simple way to boost sales & drive traffic. Pinterest users generate 400% more revenue per click! With CoreCommerce, easily add a Pinterest button to your products.

Top categories for selling clothing online

Women's Clothing
Customizable Apparel
Children's Clothing
Vintage Clothing
Speciality Menswear
Wedding Apparel

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