Protect your online store's transactions with a dedicated SSL

CoreCommerce has partnered with industry leader GoDaddy to provide you with one of the best SSL offers available. You can get an SSL for only $28.99 for a year (over half off their normal pricing!) or $25.99/yr for 2+ years.

We also offer a special installation price of $95 for this SSL. Since installation services are required every time your SSL is renewed, we recommend choosing 3+ years when you buy your SSL.

Purchase your SSL now!

Already purchased an SSL? Here’s how to get it installed.

Why get a dedicated SSL?

Every CoreCommerce store comes with a free shared SSL, so a dedicated SSL isn’t required. However, a dedicated SSL does give your store a more professional feel, keeps your brand experience more cohesive, and helps build customer trust. With a dedicated SSL, your business name will be shown on the certificate, and your domain will be used on all secure pages—there will be no mention of CoreCommerce.

Here’s what your secure URL will look like, using a shared SSL vs a dedicated SSL:

Secure URL with Shared SSL

URL with Dedicated SSL