Hair Blitz

One of the great things about being a hairdresser is that we get to work with influential people of all ages. Perhaps the most exciting thing is to see how the talented youth, without even thinking about it, are using their originality and creativity to become the major influencers of their generation. Here are some of the most significant entertainers who are busy developing very exciting careers using media and communication platforms. Some of them are already chart topping successes and have huge followings on YouTube. We recently got a few of them together and did their hair at the same time which was great fun. We call these days our HAIR BLITZ days. Some of them made videos of the event. Not sure you should watch them …but if you would like to you’ll find the links under their photos below!

“Hair is one of the best ways to change how you’re seen, I needed aggressive and exciting and that’s what my character got.”

“I never thought too much about expressing myself through my hair before seanhanna shook me out of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad they did – I couldn’t be happier with the result!”
You can see my Hair Blitz video here

“I wore my hair long for ages. I was hoping to stand out as one actor in a crowded scene, so I kept it. Skyler convinced me it was time for a change so I took the plunge and let it go – and I love my new look. I’m more confident then ever and people are looking at me differently. For the right reasons. Which is always nice.”
Watch my video here

“I’m very attached to my quiff. The best thing about seanhanna is that they made my quiff look better than I ever could. I can’t even get close. So thanks! Sarcastically and genuinely.”
Wanna watch my blitz vid? Click here!

“I’ve always had long hair and I never really thought about having it short – last time I did it looked like a mushroom – so it was pretty terrifying getting it cut. However, after I stopped crying, I managed to get used to it and now I love it! My hair is less hassle now and it’s nice not to get through an entire bottle of shampoo in a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll get a bright colour in it next! Click here to watch my video!!”

“I’m lucky, my hair is thick and grows ridiculously fast. I was bored of my very long locks and wanted something different. So in a moment of madness I chopped half of my hair off. I don’t recommend this. I ran to Sky, my hair angel, and since she has been cutting my hair I have been getting a style that is very unique to me. Right now it’s blue/green and very crazy. A lot like me. And I love it. Watch my video here:

“It’s easy to walk into a salon and ask for something ‘radically different’, but only seanhanna can pull it off and not make me look like a massive tool.”