Extensions are now amongst the most fashionable and popular hair solutions available today. Striking the right balance between the obvious and the undetected is the crux of what makes a good hair extension brand and for seanhanna, Balmain is an excellent brand choice.

Balmain Hair Extensions has strenuously researched the multiple ways they can provide real hair solutions for clients looking for longer, thicker hair for just one night or for a more permanent, lasting look. Which is why seanhanna salons exclusively use what we consider to be the very best on the market today.

Our Creative Director, Skyler McDonald, has become Global Ambassador for Balmain travelling the world demonstrating the complete Balmain range and educating professional hairdressers on how to best use these high quality products.

This means that our seanhanna salon in PUTNEY probably has some of the very best-trained Balmain specialists and has the ‘go-to people’ for professional hair extensions.

seanhanna specialise in:

  • Full and half head extensions
  • Semi-permanent extensions
  • Temporary extensions (ideal for special occasions)
  • Retail clip in extensions
  • Extension advice and care

Please take advantage of our FREE consultation service if you are considering having extensions. With new, even more advanced products and services coming onto the market we are able to give the most up to date advice available, whether you are thinking of discretely adding more volume and thickness to your hair or want a dramatic, temporary new look.