Bikram Yoga

People often ask what we do to relax. In the winter we love to ski whenever we get the chance, and in the summer we love to get out on the motorbikes. Both are great fun but not really relaxing. The thing we both enjoy doing all the time is Bikram Yoga. We find that both physically and mentally it really helps us to unwind and build core strength. It’s also surprisingly aerobic so also helps with general fitness.

Bikram takes place in a hot studio. This is good for quickly warming the body making it easier to be able to stretch out the muscles, but when starting out it can be hard getting used to the heat.

People of all ages seem to be able to enjoy it. It’s not about doing everything perfectly, so much as doing it to your personal best. It’s one of those things that however long you have been practicing, there is always room to get better and improve.

Each session is 90 minutes so it does require a fair commitment in terms of time but with classes provided regularly throughout the day from 6.30am through to 8.15pm we find it possible to fit into our schedules.

The studio we use regularly is the Bikram Studio in Wimbledon.

If you’re interested to find out more, click below to take a look at their website.

Here are a couple of pictures of yoga happening at the studio. The picture above is Skyler practicing in Central Park, NY.