Brazilian Blow-Dry

Sean Hanna Brazilian Blow-Dry Service

The Brazilian Blow-Dry truly is a phenomenon.

It works by treating your hair with a keratin based treatment (the substance that exists naturally in nails, skin and hair) repairing it’s core strength and returning it’s natural resilience and structure. Your hair is left wonderfully glossy, frizz free* and much more manageable, and the benefits last for up to 12 weeks.

At seanhanna salons, we exclusively use Nanokeratin which creates consistently stunning results on all types of hair.

The exact results depend on your natural hair type so book a free consultation with one of our Brazilian Blow-Dry specialists and we’ll talk you through how this miracle hair care process works and how it will benefit your hair.

We guarantee, you’ll be blown away!

* FRIZZ FREE is how many clients have described their hair after having the treatment. Depending on hair type and how the hair is treated, it may still have an element of frizziness. The benefits of the Brazilian Blow-Dry typically last up to 12 weeks but the exact length of time does depend on individual hair types.